About Longmarch

We Insist on Safety, Reliability and Power to Your Hands.

Longmarch represents trust and faith, brings more beautiful presentations to the world with the spirit of innovation and striving. All of us will fight with you, we are the extension of your team, your pioneer as well as your backup. With the continual improvement of our ability, Longmarch helps and supports you to reach a new level in your market and product. Along with providing you innovative illumination product solutions, we will also provide you with more information that help you win. From this moment, your new chapter begins.


Continuing to provide best solutions of design and manufacture for innovative clients, help them to stand out in the market with unique and competitive products.


To be the leading product solution company in lighting industry.
As a sustainable business, we also strive to be a compassionate and exemplary company, contribute our power to structure the harmonious society.


Prioritizing Clients
Quality and Efficiency
Passion for All Projects
Pursuit of Growth and Excellence
Unity, Hard Work, and Dedication